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BodyMindSoul - 7 session package

The sooner we do the outer and inner work to prepare for the end of life, the more freely and intentionally we can live the time we have left. During our seven sessions together, I will guide you as you work towards clarity on your wishes and come up with a written plan that can help you choreograph a life and death on your terms. Doing this work is not just for you—it’s a gift for your loved ones as well, as it will ultimately allow them, at the end, to be present with you and come to their own feelings of completion. Prompts will be given to you to work on in between visits so that our time together is maximized. I will also hold space for you as you do any necessary grief work on current and past relationships/situations that might be holding you back from living fully, giving you a sense of freedom as you move forward.



-    Advance directives

-     End of life file

-    Advocates 

-    Hospital readiness

-    Your village

-    Dependent care

-    End of life plan

-    Vigil plan



-    Life review

-    RUGS (regrets, unfinished business, guilt, shame)

-    Fears

-    Hopes/dreams/priorities plan

-    Processing of old and anticipated grief



-    Funeral or Last Party plans

-    Letters to loved ones

-     Obituary writing

-    Legacy ideas

-    Bequeathing

-    Anniversary of passing celebration ideas


Each session takes place in person or on Zoom. Email/text support is available between sessions, and additional sessions can be added at a discounted rate.

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